Then Someone came to visit!

So many things happened last summer.

1. I spent some time in Michigan and remembered what rain was.

2. The boys and I waited to welcome Rowan into the world.  (But Kimberly was the most excited one to do that!!!)

3. I slid down a turf hill on cardboard boxes with Zedd and Ephraim.

4. And had a kool-aid sale with Zedd, Ephraim and Lilah.

5. I probably did some other things also… ūüôā

6. Oh, the biggest thing was getting ice cream at a wonderful creamery very close to Kim and Adam’s house (almost everyday!!!!) ¬†You know how much I love ice cream!

And all this made the time pass by very quickly.  Before I knew it, someone came to visit:


Good picture, huh!? ¬†The camel flew all the way from to Dubai to meet my family in Michigan. ¬†For those of you who don’t know the camel, his name is Etienne! ¬†At this point in the summer, we had been together for 7 months, but away for 1 1/2, so it was very good to see him and to introduce him to all the people that I love!

More on his trip to the States soon!



There’s a pre-story to the legendary story of Rowan. ¬†It begins with my nephews waiting for the news…

While playing with some legos:

And Norah waiting to meet her new person:When we got the call to go up to the hospital we patiently sat in the waiting room. ¬†While we were there, a giant banana octopus attacked us! ¬†Ephraim didn’t even know:When he found out about the evil octupus he killed it by sitting on him! ¬†It happened so fast and Ephraim was so fierce that the picture ended up a bit blurry:Good thing he took care of that because then we made it into the room to wait for Rowan and the boys were knighted with their big brother gifts. ¬†A superhero’s cape for Ephraim:And a book of inventions for Zedd:Finally it was time for everyone to meet Rowan and his big brothers immediately fell in love!

Being a Boy.

I’ll be honest- I’m not experienced at this. ¬†You wanna know why? ¬†Because I’m not a boy. But I’ve been hanging out with two people who are definitely little boys… ¬†Zeddicus and Ephraim, my nephews. ¬†And I’ve been learning a few tricks of the trade from them.

Like how to skip stones in a creek… A very valuable skill:

And how to slide down turf hills on cardboard only to do it again and again:I was so impressed that I¬†had to try…

I’m sure I will learn even more from them in the coming days… and I can’t wait.

Family Time

Two things I haven’t been able to do in a few months:

Sit outside for a long period of time and Lay on a picnic blanket

I love Michigan summers because they are green, full of cooler breezes than I’m used to at this point in my life and warm from the sunshine. ¬†All of this makes for perfect outside gallivanting weather and a wonderful start to spending time with my family.

My nephew Dano and a tree