What exactly is bunting?

Is it the thing that a batter does in baseball to trick the other players when he only hits the ball lightly and then they have to scramble towards home base to get the ball?  The dictionary on my Mac didn’t even have a definition for it, so now I’m starting to worry.

When you live in a community with a lot of expatriates from around the world- you often find yourself thinking, “I have no idea what my friend is talking about…” during a casual conversation about things like bunting, spanners or serviettes.

I resorted to a google search for this one: where I found that bunting can be a type of songbird or a festive party decoration.  So what’s that word I’m thinking about that relates to baseball?… I’ve been gone for too long 🙂  No, no wait I found it on wikipedia:

“To deliberately bat the ball weakly to a particular spot on the infield by holding the bat nearly still and letting the ball hit it. Typically, a bunt is used to advance other runners and is then referred to as a sacrifice or a sacrifice hit or a sacrifice bunt. When done correctly, fielders have no play except, at best, to throw the batter-runner out at first base.”

Okay, I’ve gone on this tangent for long enough.  But at least I know I haven’t forgotten everything.  The whole point is that I made some bunting!  But not the baseball or bird kind, the festive kind!  I posted the pattern on facebook a while ago and here is the finished product!


And closer so that you can see the colours:Bunting close up

Etienne and I figure that everyday will be a party with this little boy or girl, so why not hang up permanent bunting!  See you soon!


When You are a Teacher….

You end up having a lot of books.  I’m sure if I had taught for longer than a year and a half, I would have ended my career with even more books.  But I could never resist getting a good picture book to read to my class, so now- we have a little library for our little one, which I’m sure will only get bigger with time!


There’s also a picture of me in this bookshelf- from when I was in second grade.  Etienne wanted to bring it back with us to Dubai the last time we visited my parents’ house, so here it is!

The next stop in the room is our guest bed!  That’s right!  A guest bed that turns into a daybed/couch during the rest of the year!  I’m sure Etienne and I will use it a lot to sleep on during our late nights with this little one!


So there we go, two more stops in our baby room.  Stay tuned for the rest.  Stay well.

Welcome Back…

As I write this post, I’m thinking about a lot of things.  One of those things is that I’ve been living in Dubai for almost 3 years.  So much has happened in that time and I’m so grateful for every bit of it.

There have been some exciting developments recently.  Before Etienne and I got married, I became a teacher for rowdy 2 year-olds, which was so fun, but consumed all of my time.  My blogging became nonexistent.  And then in January of this year I resigned after having back problems from all the bending and chasing my job seemed to require.  Only a week after I stopped working, we found out that we were pregnant!  Now I’m 33 weeks pregnant and we are getting ready to meet this little one for the first time.

In order to share our lives better with you, I thought it would be a good time to start blogging again.  Who knows how regular or how thorough it will end up being- but especially for people like my mom who are not on facebook- it will be another way to show you what we’re all looking like over here in the desert.

To start off my posting- I thought I’d share some photos of the baby’s room.  The post right before this one was just a teaser of that.  It’s been so much fun getting this room ready, especially since we don’t know the gender of our baby.


This is a project I found on pintrest, pinned off of this website: http://donkeyandthecarrot.blogspot.ae/2012/02/kids-rooms-to-love.html

I figured since we don’t get very much rain here it’s important to create it somehow.  That’s all for now, but I’ll see you soon!

Then Someone came to visit!

So many things happened last summer.

1. I spent some time in Michigan and remembered what rain was.

2. The boys and I waited to welcome Rowan into the world.  (But Kimberly was the most excited one to do that!!!)

3. I slid down a turf hill on cardboard boxes with Zedd and Ephraim.

4. And had a kool-aid sale with Zedd, Ephraim and Lilah.

5. I probably did some other things also… 🙂

6. Oh, the biggest thing was getting ice cream at a wonderful creamery very close to Kim and Adam’s house (almost everyday!!!!)  You know how much I love ice cream!

And all this made the time pass by very quickly.  Before I knew it, someone came to visit:


Good picture, huh!?  The camel flew all the way from to Dubai to meet my family in Michigan.  For those of you who don’t know the camel, his name is Etienne!  At this point in the summer, we had been together for 7 months, but away for 1 1/2, so it was very good to see him and to introduce him to all the people that I love!

More on his trip to the States soon!

Where We Really Left Off…

I haven’t consistently posted since my time in Michigan last summer and I don’t feel that I can really dive head in to blogging until I share some important things with you that have happened since then.  It seems silly to leave people out of those things but it all happened so fast, it felt like my wheels flew off.  So now I’d like to attempt to fill everybody in.  And continue with this blog, if I haven’t lost all of my blogging spirit (we will soon find out!)

So this was one of my memories of last summer:

Selling Kool-Aid with Zeddicus, Ephraim and Lilah.


Now, when I was a kid I would try and set up a lemonade table in our front yard.  It was always a big adventure for me because I was the only child in the house and while my parents helped me accomplish my goals and found me a table- I was the figurehead and the only one who could really head up the business.  There were no others kids to distract me during my attempts to be a entrepreneur, so it was a special treat for me to watch Zedd, Ephraim and Lilah be entrepreneurs (especially since they really just wanted to drink all their profits!)



More to come soon!


We were recently bequeathed a treadmill from one of Etienne’s coworkers. Here it is:


This week it got up to 40 and I realized how much this guy will come in handy during the long hot summer. We are very grateful!

Have I Forgotten….

How to Blog?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately.  There have been so many things that have happened over the last year.  So many, in fact, that I realized I needed to stop writing about things and just enjoy them.  So that’s where I’ve been.  Planning a wedding, trying (poorly) to stay in contact with friends, being a little bit better about staying in contact with family and continuing to learn what it is to live overseas.  And now… to be married and overseas.  Things are very good and I’m looking forward to writing a little bit about them someday.  I’ll just have to collect my thoughts.  🙂

Until then, I love you.