What Seems Like Forever Ago…

Barnabas Stephan Nel was born.  It started early in the morning on October 4, 2013 and by 9:51 pm he entered into the world.


In the early days after his birth, everything was all very fresh and I could remember every detail of his birth story.  Now that he is 10 weeks old, it’s a little foggier.  But that’s what they say happens so it’s no surprise.

I do remember how faithful the Lord was in all of it.  My water broke early at 6 am that morning, and we arrived at the hospital at 10:30 am with no contractions so they put me on a drip.  By the end of the day I had only dialated to 4 cm and they could tell something was wrong.  They rushed me into an emergency c-section and we found out that we were parents to a baby boy.  During the c-section they saw that the placenta was ripping from the uterine wall which was causing the complications.  I’m so grateful that God kept both of us safe so that we could meet each other.

Finding out that Barnabas was a boy when he was born was the best surprise both Etienne and I have ever had.  It was so fun not knowing his gender until the very end, and it helped us give all the glory to God.  And it made that moment he was born all the more special.

For me, besides Barnabas being born, the greatest part of the whole experience was getting to go through it with my husband.  It was an emotional roller coaster, painful and exciting.  And I couldn’t have done it without Etienne right beside me, holding my hand, reading scripture to me and praying for all three of us.  

Not only were those moments an emotional roller coaster, but much of the next few weeks were as well.  Little Barnabas became the patient at the hospital instead of me a few days after he was born when his jaundice levels spiked and he needed 12 hours of phototherapy.  And then at his 3 1/2 week check-up we realized that he had been losing weight since we had left the hospital.  After seeing a lactation consultant, we were told to put him on formula so that he could gain his birth weight back and continue to grow after that.  Now at almost 11 weeks he is as happy and healthy as ever and we are so grateful!

Here are some pictures from the hospital and coming home of our little guy:








Much love!


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