Nellie Nel

How rude of me!  I posted pictures and personality information about a dog that I have not properly introduced to the world!  Well actually, if you’ve talked to us, seen us or live in Dubai- you know about Nellie.  She’s a bit of an obsession.  We’ve turned into those people in “Best in Show” with the Norwich Terrier who sing:

“God loves a terrier.  Yes He does.  God loves a terrier.  That’s because: small, sturdy, bright and true.  They give their love to you.”  I could go on quoting the song and movie.  If you’ve never seen it, it’s worth a watch.

Nellie is the West Highlands Terrier who came into our lives at the end of April and now she’s 7 months old.  She has been a test run of sorts for us with early mornings and sleepless nights and most of all she’s been a joy.

Here’s Nellie the first day we brought her home.  The first thing I did was take her into the backyard…. big mistake. 🙂  She’s been a yard puppy ever since!




She was a real ball of fluff.

A little later on, we let Nellie try out some gardening:


She took over quickly…  She had a better way to till the soil…




We still can’t figure out why none of the seeds we planted grew….

Until later, stay well!


3 thoughts on “Nellie Nel

  1. Is that you in the sliding glass door? My guess is that same position to take photo of Nellie would be a bit more tricky not that someone has taken over the front property of your belly. 🙂

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