I must have had help, right?

You’re right, I couldn’t have done this room without some help.  So here comes my acceptance speech, not that anyone’s giving me an award for my accomplishments… I don’t think anyone ever saw my movie… but I can still thank a few people who made this all possible.

Two people in particular….


Oh wait, one of these people is a dog.  The other people is my husband, Etienne.  As you can see one of them served as the foreman, Nellie the dog, and the other served as the worker bee, Etienne.



I wouldn’t necessarily say this to her cute little face, but Nellie was a bit of a Micro-Manager during the whole thing.  She was very concerned about quality control.  She didn’t let anything slip by her little nose.



If you need someone with a rigid ideal of perfection in interior decorating and installation, Nellie’s CV is on linkedin.  Connect with her there.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you though.

Until later, stay well!


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